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What are automated alert emails? 

Automated alert emails bring curated career content directly to your inbox. You can set preferences for the content you would like to receive based on your individual career and community/identity interests.

Why does it matter?

By updating your preferences you will receive content that is relevant and important to you. Preferences allow you to create an individualized request for jobs, events, blogs, and resources about the things you’re interested in.

Best practices

There are two tiers of options for automated alert emails that can be subscribed to on the website. The first is for types of content such as jobs, blogs, resources and events. The second is for areas of interest, such as Identity/Affinity groups, Career Skills, and Career Pathways. We encourage you to subscribe to the topics that resonate with your interests to receive information that is personally relevant to you.

By Alexis Lopez
Alexis Lopez Career Services Specialist