on-campus job search

On-Campus Job Search

Handshake is a 24/7 online job board containing on-campus, part-time, full-time, internship, co-op and volunteer opportunities posted by employers seeking to hire Cal Poly Pomona students and alumni. In addition, Handshake provides access to Career Center events, such as career fairs, workshops, information sessions, and on-campus Interviews.

A resume is a concise, well-organized summary of your background and qualifications. It does not describe everything you have done, but highlights what is most relevant to the position you are seeking.

Once your Handshake account is created and your resume is developed, the next step is to update your Handshake student profile. Think of it as your virtual brand– customize it to highlight your skills and abilities.

To help fill in the information on your profile, you can build your profile directly from your resume in Handshake! This will add the appropriate sections to your profile using the details from your uploaded document.

1. Click Jobs on the left navigation menu – this will take you to the jobs search page. 

2. Click All filters.


3. Within the pop-up, locate the section titled Job Type, then click On-campus.

4. Click the blue button Show results  – All jobs posted by your school for employment will be listed! 


Congratulations, you landed the job interview! Now it’s time to prepare for a successful interview that will showcase your abilities and skills.

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