Career Fairs

Student Guide to Career Fairs

Employers attend Career Fairs to speak with students about current and future job and internship opportunities. These fairs are open to students from all majors and class years.

Get ready for the fairs with these tips!

  • Register online through Handshake for reminders and access to information about the fair.
  • Check out the list of registered employers and make a list of who you would like to visit.
  • Get your resume reviewed at the Career Center during our in-person drop-ins.
  • Make an appointment or use online resources to practice your interviewing & networking skills.
  • Download the Handshake app for quick and easy check in the day of the fair.
  • Print out copies of your resume to hand out to employers.

  • Check in at one of the three student check-in booths using the QR codes available.
    • RSVP is not required and in the event of connection issues check-in will be written.
  • Scan the QR code available to access the map and list of employers during the fair.
    • This QR code will be available throughout the fair’s layout in a-frame signs.
  • As you move about the fair, scan the employer QR codes hanging on the booth.
    • What do the codes do? By scanning the code on an employer booth, you are added to their list of students that visited. Your account and details you choose to share are made available so that they can reach out regarding their company and events.
  • Network with employers from your prepared list and visit with employers that are new to you! Don’t just collect business cards. Engage in meaningful conversations with recruiters and fellow students. Exchange contact information and connect on LinkedIn to maintain the relationship.
  • Use the Employer List available through Handshake or on our website!

  • Check out Handshake for future events and utilize the Career Center’s resources! Take advantage of any workshops, seminars, or resume review sessions offered at the fair. These can provide valuable insights and tips for job searching.
  • Review your list of curated employers created by scanning the QR codes available on the employer booths. You can also follow the employer on Handshake and other platforms. 
  • Follow Up Afterward: Send personalized follow up and thank-you emails to recruiters you spoke with. Reintroduce yourself, your major, and let them know you were happy to have met them at the career fair that day. Reference specific points from your conversation to jog their memory. Let them know you are interested in the organization and hope to be included in future recruiting opportunities including interviews. This keeps you fresh in their minds and shows your continued interest.
  • Reflect and Evaluate: After the fair, take some time to reflect on your interactions. What did you learn? What could you improve for next time? Use this feedback to refine your approach for future career fairs.
  • Get prepared for interviews: Preparing ahead of time for interviews will be useful.  The Career Center offers an online tool to practice your interview skills.  Big Interview provides a wide variety of questions according to Industry and Competency.  Additionally, it offers a new feature, AI feedback.  You will log-in using your CPP credentials.  Prefer an in-person Mock Interview?  Log into CPP Connect and schedule an appointment for a Mock Interview with a career coach. 
  • Stay Persistent: Landing a job or internship might not happen immediately after the fair. Stay persistent in your job search and continue applying to positions, following up with contacts, and networking. Don’t pause if you are seeking an opportunity, keep searching for roles, even if awaiting interviews. 

Career Fair Prep Events!

Check out our upcoming career fairs!

How to Find the List of Employers After a Career Fair

Are you looking to further connect with the companies you met on the career fair day? Follow the instructions below to view career fair employers on Handshake and apply to the job/internship openings!

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Xiomara Tapia
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Spring Career Fair Employer Career Lounge!

Thank you to Enterprise Mobility for sponsoring a space at this year’s Spring Career fair for students! Students will be able to take headshots, get refreshments, and get some networking tips from industry professionals! This lounge will take place in …

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Navigating the Spring Career Fairs!

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Career Fair Resume Prep Week!

Join the Career Center in preparation for the all major Spring Career Fair Monday through Thursday on February 26th to February 29th!

Students will be able to attend industry professional hosted resume drop-in hours and career counselor hosted mini workshops!

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Alexis Lopez Career Services Specialist
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To participate in drop-in advising, login to CPP Connect.