Negotiate an Offer

Job Offers & Salary Negotiation

Congratulations! You interviewed and it turns out the company wants to hire you. Now, what to do about accepting the offer?

You have worked hard to accomplish all the organization considers monumental however, they provide you a salary and/or expectations that are worthy of more than the offer.   

Job Offer considerations:

Initially the call and/or email is received from the HR department for most organizations. 

Helpful tips:

  • Make sure you understand everything that is being presented to you. 
  • Ask questions if they arise. 
  • Express your appreciation for the opportunity and ask what the process looks like moving forward.   

In many instances, you as the student are running to class or working. You are not required to accept the offer immediately. You may need to discuss with people closest to you or even consider an out of state opportunity. This takes time and you can request time to review the offer. Provide them a date by which they will have your response.   

Students have options or are awaiting other job offers many times.  It is important to understand your worth and what is most appropriate for your salary requirements. 

Helpful tips:

  • Review ONET, or for specific information about industry average salary. 
  • Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach for further assistance.       

Negotiation is an art. 

As you consider all options, including an offer from an employer, you should be mindful of tips to ensure you have a solid case ahead of time.  You know your worth, you have reviewed sites that provide you with a salary range.  Once you know that worth, what else do you have prepared which proves you deserve additional compensation.     

Education is worth something but, if you have certifications, a long-standing amount of knowledge about an industry, multiple internships, volunteer work, part time jobs, or leadership directly related to the role, these can be part of the negotiation process.  Be specific for each area that is most crucial.   

Salary negotiation considerations:

Money is useful but perhaps you are seeking educational reimbursement (either for your newly obtained degree or future degrees), or hybrid schedules or telework opportunities.  All of these might be part of your negotiation.  If you believe you deserve more, ask the question. The representative might need some time to review your negotiation, allow for that, by thanking them for considering your proposal.   

Bring your confidence but at the same time be gracious for the opportunity.  Be as concise as possible when describing what you value and the worth aspect.  This might be someone you have been in contact with throughout the hiring process, but it might also be someone you don’t know, make sure to show both confidence and gratitude.     

Practice everything you plan to discuss with a friend or a career coach.  Ask for feedback so you are prepared to negotiate.  If the employer responds with a “no,” it’s your responsibility to either accept or decline.  Thank the employer for taking the time to allow for a negotiation.  Good luck to you! 



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